CEO and Founder

For over twenty years, Jesse Tayler earned his reputation leading undertakings of both fast-paced startup and sophisticated enterprise endeavors. A pioneering authority in Social Networking, Jesse launched novel sites predating both Myspace and Facebook.

At his first software startup, Jesse demonstrated the world's first AppStore to Steve Jobs, some 15 years before the iPhone. As a child, Jesse spent hours at MIT labs teaching himself to solder chips and master assembly language. As a teen, he founded his first company that would later sell it's own brand of microcomputer, TMC.

Jesse's leadership landed leading roles at mission-critical development efforts at Financial, Pharmaceutical and Telecomm enterprises, throughout the mid-1990s.

Throughout the dot com boom, Jesse served as cofounder, officer and executive at startups, some fetching tens of millions in venture funding. Jesse was the driving force of production, attracting top talent to Silicon Valley, which was a melting pot of experiences, ideas and formative ventures.

Today, Jesse is making it in New York City where he's bringing a powerful Silicon Valley ingenuity to the city of dreams, and of course, to mobile computers everywhere.