An Introduction to OEI and Its Principles

Mission critical custom application development, and internet-related services since 1995.

OEIs inaugurate project was to reengineer critical billing systems at AT&T's new wireless division and today, OEI continues this same discipline of reliability and excellence for enterprise clients as well as many small or recently funded startups. OEI has both the experience and the discipline to be agile and achieve professional results.

Mobile computing is changing the world of software to a degree that could easily be compared to the introduction of cellular communications: land lines are useful, but the vast majority of calls are now made from mobile phones. We believe mobile interfaces are to become the most-used computing devices in both hours spent, and breadth of use.

The degree of liberation for program development, the possibilities offered, the freedom to invent new and powerful applications, are like nothing that existed before.

With OEI as your partner, you will reliably get your business into the AppStore with quality, innovation and excellence.