Welcome to the mobile era

iOS on the iPad, iPod and iPhone has ushered in a new era of personal computing that we expect to far eclipse the growth of early internet.

AT&T was our very first client, and we've likely made winning technology behind startups, sites and mobile apps you use everyday.

Today, OEI creates popular and effective Apps for some of the largest and most respected brands in NYC and San Francisco. Fortune 500 and startups both rely on our technologies and platforms, some of the most advanced iOS technology available anywhere.

  • The Premier Video Platform for Universal iPhone/iPad Apps
  • The Most Sophisticated Event-App Platform Available
  • Full Server-side Facilities & Network Operations Center
  • Highly Polished iPhone/iPad Design Skill
  • The Advice, Skill and Experience Needed to Ensure Success

OEI embraced the iPhone SDK from day one, but our mastery of iPhone technology reaches back fifteen years to the original NeXTSTEP OS upon which today's iOS is made.

OEI is the oldest continually operating COCOA development shop in NYC.

Nobody does it better.